The Spreadsheet

Use this spreadsheet to organize and keep track of your collection of pens and inks.

The Spreadsheet

The link will open in Google Drive. From there you should be able to download the spreadsheet in a format that is convenient for you or just keep using it on your own Google account.

How to use the spreadsheet

I recommend you start by filling out the two sheets labeled “Inks” and “Location”. Just replace the entries with your own collection of inks and the various solutions to how you store and carry your pens, then sort to your liking by clicking the symbol next to the headline. These lists will be used as validated data for the main list of pens.

After you are done, you can do basically the same with the list of pens. The columns labeled “Inks & Refills” and “Location” will reference the two other lists that we filled out in the beginning. They will not accept other entries, since I am not working under the assumption that many people borrow pen cases or sample inks by filling just one pen. If you do, consider amending the lists.

The very last sheet is where I’m trying out some stuff to visualize some of the data or quickly looking up the position of a pen. Feel free to try use or ignore it to your hearts contend.

If you have any questions or, even better, can make suggestions to improve the spreadsheet, please hit me up on Twitter (@therealnibcreep)

Thanks for reading and I hope this was useful 😉