The pen store situation in Magdeburg is terrible…

Ok. I’ve had it with brick and mortar stores in this town.

A week ago I decided to get some Edelstein Sapphire. Not an uncommon ink in Germany, mind you. The department store told me that they stopped carrying it. So I go to the upscale stationary store. They have 3 bottles that have been out of their boxes in UV light for who knows how long,  and none of them is Sapphire. But,  no worries Timbo, the clerk is quick to reassure me: new bottles are ordered, just come back next week.

Yesterday I’m in the area. They got 1 additional bottle. Not Sapphire. Good thing they unpacked it and put it on the shelf with the others, so that it can get some light…

That’s it. Online all the way for me from this point on.

Rant over.

2 thoughts on “The pen store situation in Magdeburg is terrible…”

  1. Is there anything else at the stationery store worth looking at? Here in the US Midwest, the nearest stationery store is 200km away…

    (By the way: you’re a Magdeburg guy, eh? I have a friend who grew up there, and another friend who studied there for a year and never stops talking about it. I’ll have to visit someday, but maybe skip the stationery store!)

    1. Well, I have noticed that the European attitude towards distances is quite different from the American. 100km is a long way over here, 100 years is a long time over there, isn’t that what they say?

      The store does stock some Montblanc ink, so if I ever want to get one of them, I guess… Otherwise it’s overpriced wrapping paper and greeting cards.

      I’ve been living in Magdeburg for almost 10 years now. And I honestly don’t know if there is much to talk about this town. But if you ever are here I can definitely show you what stationary store to avoid…

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