Fountain Pen Day 2016

Has it really been a year?

Well, let’s see, how did it go?

I did not blog and post as much as I wanted, but I learned to love Instagram and the great community of pen enthusiasts over there.

I have met friends that share my pastime at my second visit of the Hamburg pen show, Pen*Port. And I realized again that it’s all about the people, and I have been incredibly lucky to meet some of the best this community has to offer. Some of them have moved across the globe since then, but I know that this connection we build will make my life more rich no matter how close or distant we live.

I tried some other forms of posts than just reviews, somewhat more of narratives and conversations or thoughts on topics that are points of discussion within our little community of pen nerds.

And I am still enjoying my pens. I’m getting more but at a slower pace. My tastes evolve and change.

So here’s to all of you, of us, and to another year of loving pens and the friends me make over them.