Fountain Pen Day 2015

Has it been a year already?

When I look back at my year on the blog I’m not happy. I did not follow through on my plans to post often and regularly. There are all the regular excuses. I spend a lot of time in the office, a lot of time on business trips. Lots of work at times during the week and day that left me with little time, energy and motivation to do much.

I learned 2 things about the whole situation:

  1. I have to put effort into finding joy in life. It won’t come to me, I have to track it down, have to invest in it.
  2. There are changes on the horizon that will both force me to be better about finding joy and make it a little easier.

So the plan is to pick up the pace here. No pressure, but to find fun in blogging, writing again.

But things haven’t been just hardship in the life of the nibcreep. I visited the Pelikan factory. Such a great experience, if you have the chance to take a tour of a place like that I highly recommend it. Thanks to the whole team there that made it a day to remember.

Oh, and I went to my first pen show! The Pen*Port in Hamburg was glorious. All kinds of sweet vintage pens, of course, but the highlight were the people.

Pen people are the best people. Shout out to my friends Andi and Raymond (and their patient significant others).

So yeah. Still geeky about pens, just very distracted lately. Thanks to all of you , and especially the nice folks over at, for reminding me that there is something as beautiful and useful as the art of writing in my life.

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