Fountain Pen Day 2014

Hello my friends!

Today we are celebrating Fountain Pen Day 2014, and I would like to use this day and it’s annual celebration to say a few words about this hobby and the state of affairs over here at

Fountain Pen Day is being celebrated every year on the first Friday in November. On that day, pen enthusiasts share their love and enthusiasm for one one of the most versatile tools of the writing trade and art.

I would like to express my gratitude towards all the amazing people that I have met since I dove into the pen appreciation hobby with abandon. For a little longer than I have been running I have been enjoying passionate and brilliant writing and work by like-minded collectors, enthusiasts and writers, and I have met many new friends, reconnected with old ones and I learned a lot, both about pens of all sorts and also about writing, blogging, and everything that comes with my actions within the community.

The site is still fairly new and I am still getting the hang of this whole blogging regularly for a growing audience. I have been lucky to be featured by a few giants within the pen blogging world, and I have been enjoying some great interactions with people that I admire for their work, people that are interested in the same things that I am, and even people that are interested in what I am doing.

Enjoying and writing about pens together with all of you has in a very short time done amazing things for my confidence and my writing, a muscle that I once thought would power my professional life but that has, for a long time, grown weak.

So for Fountain Pen Day 2014 I am celebrating you. My friends, readers, my equals and betters. Thank you all for appreciating these most precious tools together with me.

With you I am looking forward to the 365 day until the next Fountain Pen Day.


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    1. We do, and so we are. But we can all enjoy and learn from each other’s talents. I would say we all can learn a little from your sense for business, Brian 😀

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