Edison Nouveau Premiere 2014 Summer Edition

The Edison Nouveau Premiere 2014 Summer Edition

Quick note: all images in this review can be clicked to see a high resolution version. I would advise you to check them out, this pen is so pretty that the thumbnails can’t do it justice. Thanks to my brother Nils for providing a decent Camera.

The Edison Nouveau Premiere 2014 Summer Edition: Caribbean Sea. Wow. That’s a mouthful. Let’s take that apart, shall we? Edison Pen Co. is a pen manufacturer that mostly makes custom acrylic fountain pens. They also have a range of models that are produced regularly, their production lines. One of these production lines is the Nouveau Premiere, exclusive to the Goulet Pen Company, one of the best known online vendors for fountain pens around today. The Goulets and Brian Grey from Edison put out seasonal editions for the Nouveau Premiere. These limited editions are only produced for a single season, once productions stop and all stock is sold you wont be able to get that version of the Nouveau Premiere anymore. And boy, they do pick some nice materials for these Seasonal Editions. I just had to have the 2014 Summer Edition: Caribbean Sea.


The Internet is full of praise for the service of Goulet Pens. Having ordered with them twice I can see why. The service is outstanding, communication is always pleasant and the orders are packed to be bomb proof. Even ordering from abroad is a joy! Just to give you an example: with every other order that I get from outside of Germany I have to travel across town to provide customs with the bill and they calculate the fees. With both orders from Goulet, customs had all the necessary information and where able to contact me with the fee already figured out and the parcel waiting for me at my closest post office. Top notch. Rachel and Brian Goulet also contribute to the fountain pen community with their Ink Nouveau blog, a constant source of knowledge and entertainment. (If you are weird and into pens. Like I am…) If you can, order from Goulet. You won’t regret it.


The Edison Nouveau Premiere Summer 2014: Caribbean Sea (henceforth known as ENPS14CS, or, the pen…) comes in a nice pen box covered in fake crocodile leather. An aditional nib unit that I got came in an ink sample container, securely protected from bumping around in the box. The pen comes with a converter.

Material & Construction

Look at that. The pen comes in a gorgeous light blue and turquoise swirl pattern, with streaks of pearly white and black. The material is slightly translucent and reacts to sunlight in a spectacular way. The pattern gives a great impression of depth and seems to move about when you turn the pen. Some layers sparkle brilliantly, just like shallow water that washes up on a lovely island beach, dancing around pebbles in the sand. (This effect is called chatoyancy. Hey, look at that, I learned a new word today. Although I doubt I’ll be able to use it conversation any time soon…) The pen has what I would call a slim cigar shape. The tip of the cap and the end of the barrel taper into  tips that stick out quite far from the actual pen body, but they are not getting in the way, and they give the Nouveau Premiere a very distinctive profile. At 15cm capped, the pen is fairly long but not oversized. The cap screws on, and the threads feel smooth and are comfortable to hold, even if your grip (like mine) makes you touch the threads with your upper thumb all the time you won’t feel them. The pen can be posted, but I find it awkward. It doesn’t post deep and the cap can be angled quite a bit relative to the pen body while still feeling like it is firmly gripping the barrel. This fact, combined with the high gloss acrylics, is a recipe for scratches. You won’t see me posting the ENPS14CS. The cap has a clip that is sturdy and firm. The only design element here is a diagonal line on the top. This gives the clip a nice, understated look. Quite a contrast to the material, but it is not distracting from the beautiful color and patterns, either.

Filling System

The pen is a cartridge/converter filler and comes with a converter, but since all the internal parts are made of acrylic or plastic, you can easily convert it to an eyedropper. I change inks a lot and I don’t want to make even more of a mess with my pen hobby, so I have not tried filling the barrel with ink. The translucency of the material should make it possible to see the ink sloshing around in there. Could be nice with the aesthetics of the material. Post in the comments if you try it! The converter seems well made and sturdy. Nothing fancy, but absolutely adequate.


Edison sells their pens with #6 sized steel nibs made by Jowo. You can get all the regular round nib sizes (EF, F, M & B) or as stub nibs (1.1mm & 1.5mm). You can upgrade to a rhodium plated gold nib (also EF, F, M & B). The nibs are decorated with some scroll work and the Edison Pen Co. logo, a fountain pen nib inside a light bulb. It looks a little unconventional, but I like it. The nibs are interchangeable, you just screw off the whole feed with the nib and screw in another one. Very nice, but a side effect is that ink gets caught in the threads between the nib unit and the grip section when you dip the nib into an inkwell to fill the converter. If that happens and you write with the pen for a longer time, the ink flows out and creates a mess on your fingers. I found it cleaner and more convenient to fill just the converter before I put it into the pen. I got the pen with a 1.1mm stub nib and a spare F nib. The 1.1mm is my preferred size and I almost exclusively use that nib in the pen. It’s pleasantly wet, so much that I am surprised how often I have to refill the converter. The line is crisp with a nice amount of line variation from the stubness. (If that is a word. I guess it is, now.)

A terrible writing sample

The nibs don’t skip and feel smooth. There is a little feedback, but nothing that I would call scratchiness. You notice that you are moving the nib across the paper. If that’s already too much for you (What is wrong with you?), I have a Pelikan M805 for 3x the money that should fit your needs. The fine nib performs just as well, I have no doubt that once I get bored of the 1.1mm size I will be just as happy using that one.

Parting Thoughts

“[…] my new fun thing, my summer fling.”

The Edison Nouveau Premiere 2014 Sumer Edition: Caribbean Sea (I need a text macro for this…) is a lovely pen. The beautiful colors make me smile when I take it out, the nibs are fun, the ink flows generously and you get a great experience from the moment you place your order to the moment where you take it to your favorite sunny writing spot. It has earned a permanent spot in my heart. Load it up with a light blue or turquoise ink and have fun!

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