How to separate the integrated nib of a Parker 50 Falcon from the feed

So this happened a while ago

I got a spare nib, but since the Parker 50 has an integrated nib and the feed is glued in there, I couldn’t figure out how to change it.

Research didn’t bring up much except for this thread on User Mookli describes how he cooled down the section with liquid nitrogen. The feed of the plastic contracts more than the metal of the nib and grip, thereby separating the two parts.

Great advice, let me run into the pantry to get my liquid nitrogen…

I managed to find an alternative. I sprayed the section with chewing gum remover that is supposed to freeze gum and other stains of similar texture for easy removal. Applying a healthy dose from the spray can cooled the material down enough to achieve the same effect.

So if you are looking for a way to repair a Parker 50 Falcon nib and to remove the nib, remove the feed, separate them or replace them, I hope this helps. Godspeed.